The Most Ridiculous Doughnut in NYC

The Most Ridiculous Doughnut in NYC

I must admit, this was not my discovery, but the discovery of my roommate, who was in fact so irritated by its existence, that she decided to pass the burden of knowledge on to me.


I’m talking about a $100 a pop golden doughnut. Sorry, a 24k Gold-Leaf encrusted Cristal Champagne jelly and ube jam doughnut, I should say.


As you can imagine, the insta-drones have been lining up in swathes outside The Manila Social Club (because, as we all know, the slum-laden city of Manila, Philippines is widely known for its social clubs, excess and opulence) which is unsurprisingly located in the epicentre of urban hipster utopia – Williamsburg, NYC.


For those who don’t know – “ube” is a purple yam, which is widely used throughout the Philippines and other South East Asian countries.


I know this because I was once personally disappointed by this vegetable. I had purchased a handsome chocolate ice lolly, and when I broke its chocolatey seal to sample the sugary delight within was very quickly halted in my happiness, finding the flavour of root vegetable awaiting me. And, let’s face it, that’s just another name for dirt, really.





In this way perhaps the $100 golden donut is a modern metaphor for life; golden and sparkly with a soft, fuzzy centre; seemingly delicious, but once you sink your teeth in, the golden veneer gives way and all you ’re left with a mouth full of the cold, hard dirt that everything on this planet came from.


I hear they’re popular amongst vegans, though.


”The Manila Social Club” almost seems like a paradox unto itself. $100 doughnuts, yam jam, and what looks to be gourmet Spam fries. This is gentrified fusion food at it’s finest. The irony of these times must be people, who wouldn’t be caught dead eating a can of economy beans, lining up to eat deep-friend artisanal tinned-meat pucks.


I think for a truly authentic feel though they should kit out the inside with some corrugated metal whilst they’re at it, maybe throw in some sodden cardboard boxes as seating, for a more realistic Manila-vibe.


Seriously though, Spam fries. And they probably only cost $15 each. 





Jodie T.

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