Jodie T.


I’m turning thirty this year, and as such, am having an existential crisis…

Which is really no different to any other year, or day even – aside from this time it happens to marks the first in, what I can only imagine will be, a myriad of age-related breakdowns.

Yes, it’s the one where your parents make you do something “nice” with them – as if you’re dying, or being shipped off to war. The one where you get the big, goofy novelty badge depicting an elderly person desperately grappling with a Zimmer-frame. The one where 25-year-olds start to look at you with a hopeless pity they do not yet already know. And, the one where you inevitably start to look at yourself with that same humbling pity…

Yep, I’m definitely turning thirty…


In other news, I’ve been working in e-commerce on and off for the last eight years and running a location independent business for the last three, almost four. When I first started working online several years back, there wasn’t even a word for someone who works online and travels so it’s all come about rather conveniently that people now seem to have some kind of respect for it, which bodes well for me as I was probably going to wind up doing it anyway.


I’m a location independent entrepreneur. Or for those of you enjoy a well-placed buzz word – a digital nomad. This being in the sense that I work online – for myself – and have no “home”, as such. Much like a cyber pirate, going wherever the wifi takes me. I’m sure it all sounds very glamorous, but let me assure you – there are moments when I’m trying to awkwardly butter a single-serve-slice of vending machine bread using nothing but a disposable toothbrush – when I would beg to differ. 


And so this has become my life. All my belongings, aside from a few bags of stuff in storage at my parent’s house, fit into two bags. My entire life fits into 62 liters. I’m not sure if that’s cripplingly sad or extremely empowering, but it’s certainly convenient. I spend 10 or 11 months out of the year traveling. Not necessarily traveling per se, but away from my home – the UK. I tend to spend a few months at least in each place so I can make some friends, get some work done, sit around in my pants for large quantities of time, and the like – the important stuff.


People tell me it’s cool so I thought I’d write about it.


Yours,  Jodie T.

E-commerce Entrepreneur

Digital Nomad

Freelance Writer

..and all-around Lady of Leisure